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Where Next? | 25th March 2022

Heading 5

British jazz fusion guitarist Jules Hay rounds up an all-star group from the Brazilian state of Paraná for his sophomore album, Where Next? (25th March)

His debut album - From London to Little London (July 2020) - traced his journey from his home in the UKs capital to the Brazilian city of Londrina - aka ‘Little London.’

But what started out as a short-term recording project saw him locked down in South America for more than a year during the pandemic.

Where Next Digital Cover.jpg


The subsequent months spent hanging out, playing and recording with local musicians brings him full circle; Where Next? was recorded in Brazil and finished back in the UK, essentially documenting his journey home.


Musically, the set of 9 original songs brings together infectious Brazilian rhythms and grooves with a modern jazz fusion sensibility.

Jules retains the core of his Brazilian band - Thiago Ueda (keys), Diogo Burka (Bass), Roger Aleixo & Elthon Dias (drums) whilst adding two renowned percussionists in Marcus Cesar (Lee Ritenour, Nathan East) & Maurício Bana to up the rhythmic ante.

These 6 in-demand musicians from the Londrina and São Paulo scenes add their own joyful playing and improvisations to the proceedings, resulting in an uplifting journey which celebrates an otherwise difficult time for musicians around the world.

Private Stream: Soundcloud

Video: Highlights at Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club, London 30/6/22

MP3s: download here

Photos: download here 


Jules Hay | Guitar

Diogo Burka | Bass (plus vocals track 7)

Thiago Ueda | Keys

Elthon Dias | Drums (tracks 1,2,3,5,8,9) Roger Aleixo | Drums (tracks 4,6)

Marcus Cesar | Percussion (tracks 1,2,3,5) Maurício Bana | Percussion (tracks 4,7,8,9)

More info:

Further info

  1. Where Next?

  2. Habanense

  3. The 16th Baião

  4. Looking For A Distraction

  5. Hope

  6. Blast From The Past

  7. Indígena

  8. The Road Out

  9. Destination Found


All compositions by Jules Hay.

Recorded and  mixed at 3em1 studio, Londrina, Paraná, Brazil. (from Sept 2020 - Dec 2021).
Guitars for tracks 4,6,7,8,9 recorded in home studio in UK (Oct / Nov 2021).

Engineered and mixed by Alexandre Bressan.

Mastered by Carlos Freitas.


JULES HAY Where Next? | 25th March 2022

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